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Upright Monuments

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What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Kim Dubb
* Update * They completely missed the their quoted time of 180 days but they finally got the headstone set. While I understand things happen, a little communication goes along way. They never offer any information unless you chase them down for it. They demand payment upfront but won't deliver anything. This isn't a big deal but the lack of communication is a major issue I have. Hopefully everyone else has better luck than I did. I still would not recommend this place as my first choice but if timing is not an issue for you, go for it. Just be prepared to be extremely patient.
Carroll Swaim
Beautiful monument, very fast deliverly & setup, nice & friendly staff.
Cheryl Shankle
Quite a good inventory. Very friendly and knowledgeable people my.
Lois Mitchell
Very good service and the best place to go too.Beverly Kirkland is very helpful and good at what she does. I recommend Riley-Gardner Memorial to everyone.
Alford Hamilton
Went to look at Head Stones for my Dad. They have some nice ones and can customize pretty much what you need.
Belinda Wilkerson
I am so impressed with the quality of your work that was done for my parents headstone. It's absolutely beautiful. Your customer service is next to none. Thank you so much.
Rosemary Bradley
There great with everything, with planning on stone and the design looks great cannot wait to see it when it’s finally put out on grave of my mother in laws
Earl Fondren
Nice people and good work.
Charisa King
Love this place. Employees are friendly & great!!!